Glacier Peak Holistics ~ An Animal Rescue Friendly Business ~ Northwest Montana

Deborah Gwynn is the Founder of Glacier Peak Holistics. In 1995, Deborah Gwynn attended “The School of Natural Healing” in Utah. Ms Gwynn has developed a line of Herbal Blends, Nutritional and Dietary supplements for our Canine and Equine friends.
Ms. Gwynn has studied many natural healing modalities and has been in the Practice of Natural Healing for as long as this author can remember.

Debe Gwynn and Her Dogs

Debe began making Herbal Remedies and Herbal Blends, Dietary and Nutritional Supplements for her Animals. Ms Gwynn sold these Healing Herbal Blends in her health food store for over 13 years. These blends were sent across the country and Canada, becoming known simply through word of mouth from happy customers that had positive healing results in their dogs and horses.

Now, Ms Gwynn has established, a company called Glacier Peak Holistics. Ms Gwynn is dedicated to the health and wellness of your equine and k-9 friends.

Glacier Peak Holistic provides a line of natural products and Nutritional Supplements that will enhance immunity and ultimately help to ensure quality of life for your dogs and horses.
All our products are handcrafted by the Glacier Peak Holistic Team here in Montana. By using only natural, 100% organic ingredients our products will not be harmful to your animals like harsh pharmaceuticals can be.

With our 20 years experience working with herbs, homeopathics, and tinctures Glacier Peak Holistic Team has come up with great products from dietary supplements to immune boosters that will improve the health of your animal and ease the pain caused by Arthritis, to aiding some diseases and improving the Quality of your pets life.

GPH ~ Glacier Peak Holistics is an Animal Rescue Friendly Business.

We understand that rescues around the country don’t necessarily have the funds to treat all animal ailments. That’s why we strive to help any rescue that needs our products.

If you are a rescue group please contact us for more information.