The Humane Society of the United States

Dancing Her Way Out Of Misery

The scene we found last week at a Tennessee puppy mill was tragically typical: 225 dogs confined in filthy cages, utterly lacking human care and compassion.

Within hours, we'd transported them to an emergency shelter set up by The HSUS and our partners. After much TLC, the dogs are clean, fed, and obviously relieved.

Relief alone doesn't quite capture the feelings of one pup who broke out in joyful dance. We're pretty certain she was brimming with pleasure over the loving attention and a second chance at life. Watch our heartwarming video.

Thanks for all you do for animals.

Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

A Celebration of Horses ~ Parelli Across America

HSUS friends and supporters are invited to attend

"Parelli Across America"
events around the country

For decades, world-renowned natural horsemanship trainers, Pat and Linda Parelli, have been helping horse owners reach new levels of communication and partnership with their horses through humane and caring training techniques.

Now you can learn how to take horsemanship to a new level without force or frustration through the Parellis’ inspiration, empowerment and education.

Linda and Pat Parelli invite all HSUS friends and supporters to attend their Share Parelli Saturday events across the country. Admission is free! To secure your ticket, please visit Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

At the event, be sure to stop by the HSUS booth to learn how we're fighting to end horse slaughter, help at-risk horses, and how you can support our many equine protection programs.

Make plans to attend Parelli Across America at a venue near you:

April 17-18—Beaumont, TX
May 22-23—Redmond, OR
June 26-27—Columbus, OH
August 7-8—Fresno, CA

Save the Seals ~ The Humane Society of the United States

Help us reach our campaign match goal for seals! Watch our video, then donate to save seals and have your gift tripled today.

We're pulling out all the stops to save Canada's seals, thousands of whom have already been slaughtered in Canada this spring, all for their fur.

We're so close to reaching that $400,000 goal, and we desperately need your support to document and expose the cruelty of this hunt to the world. The sealing industry is on the ropes, and together we can end this slaughter once and for all. Your gift will be used exclusively to help us end the slaughter.

Watch our video, then please make your tax-deductible donation today using the secure form. Every dollar you donate will be tripled today, up to $400,000.

Thank you!