Footloose Montana

After hearing too many stories about dogs being horribly injured or killed by legal traps on public lands, in the winter of 2007 a group of Montanans who enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, boating and recreating on Montana’s public lands and waterways gathered to discuss how we could help keep those lands safe for people and their pets. Contact Us >>

Every year, thousands of steel-jawed leghold traps, body-crushing Conibear traps and throat-choking snares are legally set on Montana’s public lands—all year long. Hundreds of pets, endangered species and other non-target animals are injured or killed in traps.

Footloose Montana provides information about the threat of trapping to public safety on public lands, and its impact on our natural resources.

Footloose Montana
P.O. Box 1089
Florence, MT 59833