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Benefits of Adopting

Animal shelters can be a tough place to go; noisy, busy, so many animals you'll be sure they can't all be saved. Shelter employees have a great deal of information and experience to offer about selecting the right pet for your family. They also ask a number of questions about you, your pet experience and what you expect from a pet, questions you may not have expected. Some folks feel as if it's harder to adopt a pet than adopt a child!

Hang in there.
Adoption is worth it. If you are ready to make a commitment to the right pet, not only will you save a life, you'll enhance your own.

People with pets live longer and recover from illness faster than people who have none. Kids with pets learn empathy earlier than other kids. Research suggests that kids with pets handle family tragedy, such as divorce, better, too and may have fewer problems with allergies.

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